Bible Apps – Reading and listening to the Bible

YouVersion Holy Bible 

Bible.Is – This app is great for reading and listening to the Bible. It comes with various languages and versions so pick the version that’s easiest for you to understand.

You can also download books and read/listen offline.

Bible Inspirations – This app sends you a daily Bible verse notification. We don’t always make time for God but this is a quick way to try and focus our attention on Him by meditating on one verse. The verse is also complimented with a short blog.

Verse-a-day – Daily Bible verse.

Watching the Bible

Bible apps – Bible apps often include videos so when you don’t feel like reading, you can watch the Word of God in video. This can also help give you a better feel for the context.

The Two Preachers – This YouTube channel has full length videos of certain books in the Bible.


Daily effective prayers – This YouTube channel covers a variety of prayers to suit almost any need. It’s for those days when you can’t find the words to speak. You can choose to listen to a prayer or sit quietly before God. He already knows what’s in your heart. The prayers range from morning prayers to prayers for healing, guidance and blessing.

The Bible Project

The Bible is not always so easy to understand. The Bible Project YouTube channel is useful for summing up books in the Bible, giving context and showing us how the message is relevant today. It is so important to understand the context of certain messages so they are correctly interpreted. The Holy Spirit will help us understand gain wisdom and knowledge.

Recommended: Read a book in the Bible then follow by watching the respective video from the Bible Project. You can check to make sure what you watch lines up with what you read. This is often referred to as “testing the spirit”. We must test every spirit to make sure it lines up with the Word of God.