Clean the pipes: The Free Flow of God


…whoever drinks of the water that I will give him shall never thirst; but the water that I will give him will become in him a well of water springing up to eternal life. (John 4:14)

God’s intention to use you is not for you alone.

It’s for who He can reach through you.

His spirit goes out into the world looking for someone who He can use. Can God use you?

It’s about selflessly giving your life to God to use to bring lost souls closer to salvation. To save lives by giving life.  God wants all people to be saved and to come to a knowledge of the truth (1 Timothy 2:3-4; 2 Peter 3:9). This is the Good News! That Christ died and paid the price for sin and so we are not bound by death but will be raised to life in Jesus Christ if we accept this free gift.

Can you surrender all aspects of your life to God?

In Matthew 14:13-21, Christ multiplied 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish to feed 5000 men. After everyone had eaten there were still baskets full of leftovers. In God’s hands, little becomes much and God not only uses us to bless others but the blessings overflow in our own lives.

We need to make room for God to work and flow through us. We start this by fixing our mind on God and denying ourselves. We need to take up our cross daily by crucifying our flesh along with its sinful desires. Anything that is not of or from God ultimately serves to defile us. To be defiled is to damage the purity or desecrate the sacredness of something Holy. We are called to Holy living. To be Holy as God is Holy (1 Peter 1:15-16). Without holiness no one will see the Lord. (Hebrews 12:14). Sin is ugly. It hurts and defiles us, hurts others, stops us from being fully used by God and above all, hurts God (Matthew 25:40). This is why  sin needs to be killed daily. Only then can we fix our mind on doing God’s will instead of our own.

We are trying to  become more like Jesus who, although tempted in every way just as we are, He did not sin (Hebrews 4:15). His mind was centred on doing the will of His Father.

To be ready for God to use us for every good work, we must be prepared.  God will equip us with everything we need to do His will (Hebrews 13:20-21).  But first, we must know the will of God. It is set out in the Word of God (the Bible) so we need to spend time with God and in His Word.

We can then, through the Holy Spirit, come to an understanding of God’s desires and know what displeases Him. In gaining wisdom, we can remove those things in our life that do not line up with God’s desire and that do not glorify Him as these things limit God’s ability to flow freely through us. It is like trying to get clean, pure water to flow through pipes that are clogged up. HAIRBALLS. If we’re too clogged up with sin, worldly passions or constant distraction from God then where is the room for God to flow?

We must purify ourselves from everything that contaminates body and spirit, perfecting holiness out of reverence for God (2 Corinthians 7:1). Sin causes us to get clogged up whether it is know or unknown. Pray to God to reveal the sin that needs to be repented of or any behaviour or way of thinking that needs to be changed. We might need to change the music we listen to, the shows we watch or the people we spend time with. The point is, expect changes.

God loves you. He will take you as you are but He loves you too much to leave you that way. God doesn’t want you trapped in a mindset that stresses you or causes constant fear. God doesn’t want you to be easily angered or unforgiving because this hinders your relationship with Him. Whatever the case may be, God will change you for your good and for His glory.

The Holy Spirit will nudge changes in your life. You have the choice of implementing these changes. Your life will be transformed, generally not all at once, but into something beautiful. You must learn to trust God even when things don’t make sense. To do this, you must build confidence in Him by reading His Word, growing in understanding of God’s faithfulness and then recognising this faithfulness in your life. It won’t be an obstacle free journey but God’s peace surpasses all understanding and will guard your heart and mind (Philippians 4:7). It will wrap around you like a warm hug (but it’s even better!).

Now be serious. You can’t welcome God in your life and not expect your life to be transformed, turned upside down and redesigned by Him. He doesn’t want to be that friend you message every now and then when you need something. If He is being welcomed in your heart, He will take over.

He is the sovereign, all powerful creator, the King of Kings.

Revere in His goodness, glory and power. Thank Him for His great love and tender mercy towards us mere mortals who can never deserve the gifts He has so freely given.

Pay attention to all God has done FOR you but don’t miss out on discovering what God can do THROUGH you. Let God flow through you so you may be a well of water springing up to eternal life not just for yourself but for all others. The Good News is here.

Thank you Father God.

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It’s Already Written


Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will never pass away. (Matthew 24:35)

If you buy a DVD and decide not to watch it, it does not change how the movie begins or ends.

It is already written and produced. Ignorance will not alter the ending either.

Same goes for the Bible. We are simply going through the motions of a story already written. Jesus has won. Satan is defeated. King Jesus forever.

In the meantime, we have the choice to either honour or dishonour God. To choose to live for God or condemn ourselves by our choices. We first condemn ourselves by rejecting God through sin and ignoring the Holy Spirit’s attempt to draw us to repentance and back to God.

God is good.

I repeat, God is GOOD. He is faithful even when we are faithless. This is His nature and He cannot deny who He is (2 Timothy 2:13). That means no matter what you’ve done or failed to do, if you return to God with your whole heart, He is ready, willing and able to not only take you back but to help you clean the mess you’ve made. Because, let’s be honest, sin is messy. It messes with our mind, our heart, our spirit, our relationships, our life!

Things eventually fall out of place (and apart) when they are not in line with the Will and desire of God.

So don’t ignore that feeling that tells you something is not right. Spend time with God and in His Word so you can discern what is and is not of God. Ask Him to reveal the truth to you.

Returning to God means He can restore. Often, God needs to tear down everything you’ve built up so He can make way for the grand plans He has for your life (which are way better then where you were going with it anyway!). So be patient, after you have suffered a little while, God will himself restore you and make you strong, firm and steadfast (1 Peter 5:10).

God is faithful and He will help you work through every struggle. So, when you fall short of God’s glory, dust yourself off and keep trying.  The Kingdom of Heaven is near so work with God to prepare yourself. If we are not with God, we are against Him. The Battle against Evil has already been won. Our job is make sure we are on the winning side because the ending that was written from the beginning will come to pass and for the Children of God, the end is just the beginning.

You are called to be a child of the Most High God. Give the Lord some praise!

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The Next Step


Whoever comes to me I will never drive away (John 6:37)

God is calling us to come to Him. No matter what our state or the messes we may be. We go as we are but we cannot expect to stay that way.

God will change us. He may change what we watch, listen to, eat or who we spend time with. He will break  and prune us to remove our wickedness and show us what is not of Him so we can step up and keep growing into His image. Basically,  God needs to knock down anything that we have added to ourselves that is not of Him and that ultimately defiles us.

Through this process of change, God draws us back from the detour we have taken away from Him and re-routes our lives for heaven. God is re-routing us back to the fullness of His blessing, comfort, healing, peace, security and joy, which the world cannot take away. He will help change us so we can become useful to Him for every good work.

Is the Holy Spirit nudging a change in your life? Are you listening?

God has specific instructions for each person. So if the Holy Spirit is nudging you in a particular direction, don’t expect step 2 until you complete step 1. We need to act by faith and not by sight and often walking by faith does not make sense. But where rationalising begins, faith ends.

We must be willing to take that step of faith and trust that God is already there and has made the way clear. After all, He works out all things for the good of those who love Him.


Dear God, please make your instruction clear to me. Show me what I need to change or remove from my life so that I can be more like you. Remove everything that has caused distance in my relationship with you. Teach me in your ways. I thank you for your patience, forgiveness and unfailing love. In Jesus name, Amen. 
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Christ in Me: My Identity

Christ in Me

See what great love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God! And that is what we are! …we are children of God, and what we will be has not yet been made known. But we know that when Christ appears, we shall be like him, for we shall see him as he is. (1 John 3:1-20

Where does your goodness come from? I know I have no goodness apart from God. I know full well that my own “goodness” could never save me and something outside myself was needed to pave the way to heaven for me. I know Jesus’ finished work on the cross accomplished that. His grace is enough. Without Him, I am nothing. I am an empty shell of a person.

“Without Jesus, you would be you” someone once told me.

Without Jesus, I don’t know who I would be. I would probably identify myself by my job, my status, my relationships or “things” that could never satisfy me. My identity would be attached to something that could be here today and gone tomorrow. It would be formed on the values of everyone and everything around me.

Consequently, my identity would be unstable, confused and forever changing. Jesus, on the other hand, is unchanging.

He loves us today. He loves us tomorrow. He loves us forever, no matter what. He is with us. He does not leave or forsake us. Knowing our identity in Jesus gives us hope and confidence in His ability, strength, goodness and faithfulness. We know He has already worked out everything for the good of those who love Him and His desire is to prosper and bless us should we give Him room to do so.

It’s such a relief to know mere man does not control our destiny or life. Not your boss, not your spouse, not your friend, no one. Submit onto God and He will open doors no man can shut. What God has for you is for YOU and no one can take it away.

Knowing who we are in Christ is security. Christ is a safe haven, a refuge, a strong fortress from the troubles of this world because He overcame the world.

Not convinced? Pick up your Bible and start building a relationship with the one true living King and find your identity in Him alone.

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Answering the Call

No one can come to the Father unless the son calls them first (John 6:44).

This calling can be a gentle nudge in your spirit drawing you to God. But it’s up to you to answer that call; to fully accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior and to make the decision that you no longer live for yourself, to please others or to look like world but to live to glorify God.

It means you commit every aspect of your life to glorify Him. If going to a club doesn’t glorify Him, you don’t go. If listening to certain music doesn’t glorify Him, you stop listening to it. There’s going to be changes in your life that will change your life…for the better. Listening to and living the Word of God naturally means your life will be transformed and changed by it.

These changes won’t always make sense but that’s what faith looks like. It means making changes and being obedient even when things don’t make sense. Faith tends to end when we start trying to rationalize things. There is no longer any faith when we start rationalizing rather rationalizing is the human way of getting out of a divine request.

These changes are gradual and God is patient to work through our struggles with us. God often speaks to us quietly and nudges us for change gently. He doesn’t do it all at once and never overwhelms us. His gentleness gives us the opportunity to respond in love and faithfulness to Him. It remains a choice. We are never forced or under compulsion to do His will. But if we truly revere and love Him, then obedience will grow and develop if we keep seeking Him and asking for His help.


Dear God,
I can do nothing without you and I need you. I fail you more then I want to say but I know your grace is enough for me. Empty me of myself and fill me up with you. I want to grow further into the image of Jesus and grow distant from who I was yesterday. Work with me to make me the best version of myself so I can be the pleasing aroma of Jesus to you. In Jesus name, Amen.  
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