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It’s Already Written

If you buy a DVD and decide not to watch it, it does not change how the movie begins or ends.

It is already written and produced. Ignorance will not alter the ending either.

Same goes for the Bible. We are simply going through the motions of a story already written. Jesus has won. Satan is defeated. King Jesus forever. Continue reading

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Washed White

Imagine a beautiful white dress. Now imagine the dress was burnt whilst ironing, then you spilled coffee and now it’s covered in stains then while walking outside you tripped over and fell face first into mud. Why is there mud? … Continue reading

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A Step towards Life

To have a relationship with God, we must first make the choice. The smallest step towards God will be the biggest step in your life. Get to know Him by reading His Word and spending time with Him. Just keep pushing on the path to Him. Continue reading

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Deep Waters

Have you ever found yourself in deep waters? In a situation where you felt trapped with no clear way of escape? I have. Continue reading

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