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We are all a little lost and in desperate need of God’s grace.

It’s time we wake up to the truth and come face to face with the author of love.

You know the one. He never left your side. He is always with you. Always loving you. If you don’t know Him, it’s time you met Him. If you think you know Him but don’t live for Him then you don’t know Him and He does not know you.

He has a goodness and perfection you can’t turn away from. Once you see it, you can’t stop seeing it. His beauty, grace and unfailing love will overwhelm you. Overcome you. Heal you. Renew you. Restore you. Fix all that is broken and fill all that is missing.

You may have strayed away from Him but it’s one step to get back to Him because He has been waiting for you the whole time.

He is perfection. He is unfailing. He is Jesus. The King. And you are called to be a child of the Most High. But it’s a calling you must choose to accept.

This site has one purpose. To  bring a little understanding about God gained from a sinner loved by God.