The Next Step

Whoever comes to me I will never drive away (John 6:37)

God is calling us to come to Him. No matter what our state or the messes we may be. We go as we are but we cannot expect to stay that way.

God will change us. He may change what we watch, listen to, eat or who we spend time with. He will break  and prune us to remove our wickedness and show us what is not of Him so we can step up and keep growing into His image. Basically,  God needs to knock down anything that we have added to ourselves that is not of Him and that ultimately defiles us.

Through this process of change, God draws us back from the detour we have taken away from Him and re-routes our lives for heaven. God is re-routing us back to the fullness of His blessing, comfort, healing, peace, security and joy, which the world cannot take away. He will help change us so we can become useful to Him for every good work.

Is the Holy Spirit nudging a change in your life? Are you listening?

God has specific instructions for each person. So if the Holy Spirit is nudging you in a particular direction, don’t expect step 2 until you complete step 1. We need to act by faith and not by sight and often walking by faith does not make sense. But where rationalising begins, faith ends.

We must be willing to take that step of faith and trust that God is already there and has made the way clear. After all, He works out all things for the good of those who love Him.


Dear God, please make your instruction clear to me. Show me what I need to change or remove from my life so that I can be more like you. Remove everything that has caused distance in my relationship with you. Teach me in your ways. I thank you for your patience, forgiveness and unfailing love. In Jesus name, Amen.