Answering the Call

Jesus is calling
No one can come to the Father unless the son calls them first (John 6:44).

This calling can be a gentle nudge in your spirit drawing you to God. But it’s up to you to answer that call; to fully accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior and to make the decision that you no longer live for yourself, to please others or to look like world but to live to glorify God.

It means you commit every aspect of your life to glorify Him. If going to a club doesn’t glorify Him, you don’t go. If listening to certain music doesn’t glorify Him, you stop listening to it. There’s going to be changes in your life that will change your life…for the better. Listening to and living the Word of God naturally means your life will be transformed and changed by it.

These changes won’t always make sense but that’s what faith looks like. It means making changes and being obedient even when things don’t make sense. Faith tends to end when we start trying to rationalize things. There is no longer any faith when we start rationalizing rather rationalizing is the human way of getting out of a divine request.

These changes are gradual and God is patient to work through our struggles with us. God often speaks to us quietly and nudges us for change gently. He doesn’t do it all at once and never overwhelms us. His gentleness gives us the opportunity to respond in love and faithfulness to Him. It remains a choice. We are never forced or under compulsion to do His will. But if we truly revere and love Him, then obedience will grow and develop if we keep seeking Him and asking for His help.


Dear God,
I can do nothing without you and I need you. I fail you more then I want to say but I know your grace is enough for me. Empty me of myself and fill me up with you. I want to grow further into the image of Jesus and grow distant from who I was yesterday. Work with me to make me the best version of myself so I can be the pleasing aroma of Jesus to you. In Jesus name, Amen.