The Royal Calling

Jesus is calling
No one can come to me unless the Father who sent me draws them, and I will raise them up at the last day. (John 6:44)

When a King or Queen walk down the streets, I imagine that all the people on the streets stop and stare, grab their phones and start snapping photos.  Celebrities get similar treatment whether it is in awe, admiration or discontentment, people recognise a particular presence in their midst (often without discerning whether or not it is a Godly one!).

There is one presence we should be looking out for. Jesus.

We should not be worshiping or idolizing anyone or anything. They are not God. They did not die for us. They did not create us. Jesus alone is worthy of our praise, honour and glory. He works miracles, raises the dead, forgives our sins, makes us new, heals our pain, cures our sickness and loves unconditionally.

Jesus is the chosen King and He calls His children out from the crowds not only to share His glory but to share in His royalty. His children are His inheritance and for some reason, He wants us to share His inheritance of the Kingdom of Heaven. Don’t think for a second you are entitled. Your good works can’t get you there. This salvation is offered by grace (because we couldn’t get there on our own) through faith in Jesus Christ. Grace is the provision of love when love is not deserved or warranted but rather the opposite of love is called for.

Faith is justified (proven) by works (James 2:14-26). If you claim to have faith in Christ but nothing in your life reflects the likeness of Christ then your faith is dead.  If you truly believe in Christ and have accepted His gift of salvation then you will be living for Him. You will not be pursuing sin but pursuing the Saviour. You will want to look less like the world and more like the King. Your actions will reflect the nature and essence of Christ hence your works will prove your faith.

You are called to Holy living.

No one can come to Christ unless God draws them out (John 6:44) so stop trying to hide in the crowds. The sooner you accept the calling, the sooner God can get to work in your life at maximum capacity!

Praise the God with a love so deep, so vast and so giving. A love we can never earn but that is freely given.