Are you TOO FULL?

Too full
If you are not hungry for the Lord then you are probably too full on things of this world.

Have you ever been thirsty? I love the relief and refreshing I experience when having a cold glass of water on a boiling hot day. When the air is dry and I have been without water for hours. My body just craves a drop of water to quench my thirst.

In the same way I should not only thirst but hunger for God. God promises to satisfy the thirsty and fill the hungry with good things. In order to receive, I must first hunger and thirst for the Lord with a pure heart seeking the giver not the gifts.

The Lord has prepared a feast. He wants us to be filled up with His presence and His word. But if we are full on things of this world (which will perish) then how can hunger and thirst for Christ? For example, you might be on social media to feed your loneliness and end up also feeding your feelings of discontentment, inadequacy and jealousy only leaving bitterness and a hardened heart! Where is the room for Christ?

The Lord wants to spend time with you. He is jealous for your attention. “Spend time with me. Not Facebook. Not Instagram. Not that TV show. Spend some time with ME. I Love You. I want to be closer to you. But you can only draw closer to me when you spend time with me.” He wants to guide you and lead you because He has great plans for your life but will you let Him?

Often we are too occupied with our lives, with social media and unnecessary drama to make time for the Lord. We are distracted and too busy trying to figure things out ourselves instead of leaning on God who always makes a way. There is nothing we go through that God cannot bring us out of. We just need to trust Him, to be still and wait for Him. He is bigger than ANY problem.

So pray and be persistent in prayer. Even when you don’t see your answer, keep praying. Keep trusting. Keep hoping and remain joyful giving thanks to God in every situation.

The Lord is a good Father and He provides every good thing for His children. He can work out any situation for your good in HIS timing (not yours).

The battle in this world is a battle for your mind. Look at what is occupying yours. What are you putting ahead of the Lord? Don’t fill yourself up with this world, “taste and see that the Lord is good”! Keep your mind centered on Him and everything else will follow.

Are You Really Hungry for God?


Lord help me to keep your kingdom before my eyes. Help me to stay focused on you. Strengthen me to fight off distraction. Make me hungry for you Lord. In Jesus name, Amen